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Water damage puts a damper on any basement. Even slight basement leaking can be devastating. The musky smells, mold, floor damage, water damage, foundation damage, and property damage all can result from a storm with a leaky basement. If this sounds familiar, you need to get your waterproofing fixed, and have it done by a professional. You can spend too much money on kits, just to find out you have another flood.

How Bosco Plumbing can help!

Bosco has experienced professionals and they bring their expertise to your waterproofing. Call on us to waterproof your basement before you experience a flood. Our quick and knowledgeable people will come out and show you exactly what they plan on doing and why. They offer tips of the trade, and upon completion of the job you can rest easy knowing your basement waterproofing is solid.

Waterproofing a home is not an easy task. By the time you research how to waterproof on your own, buy the materials, and frustrate yourself with the task, the affordable prices of Bosco could have saved you the headache. Our team is available 24/7/365 and guarantees same day service. Do not wait for a flood to take precautions. You work too hard; you have too many memories in your precious home and help is so easy to get.

Waterproofing doesn’t just protect from flooding. It keeps moisture out. The same moisture that causes mold, sometimes dangerous mold, to grow. Waterproofing also protects your foundation. Moisture sits on valuables and eventually can ruin them too. It leads to pests, bugs, and other unwanted visitors.

It doesn’t pay to have a basement, unless it’s one you will have for life. If that’s the case, waterproofing your basement is a great investment to your wallet, your home, and the health of you and your family.

When it comes to protecting all that is so valuable, you need to put that trust in the company that will do the basement waterproofing job right. The company with a strong reputation for taking care of their customers, and taking care of their homes. The start to a waterproof basement and walls rests with just a phone call, a phone call that can save you thousands or more – a simple phone call to (416) 405-8632 – which could save you thousands.

Call us now at 647-496-6021
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