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Water Softeners Services in Mississauga, ON

A water softener is a device that dilutes or removes hard minerals, like calcium and magnesium, from your water supply. Most households actually have hard water and don’t even know it, but hard water can be quite a nuisance, which is why more people are choosing to get water softeners installed in their homes. If you are dealing with hard water issues and want to have a water softener system installed, or an existing unit repaired, contact the trustworthy professionals at Bosco Home Services. To see what customers in and around Mississauga, ON are saying about our services, click here.

What are some benefits of water softeners?

Water softeners have a number of advantages. More efficient cleaning of appliances, dishes, clothing, skin, and hair are major benefits that come from using a water softener. Hard water has a tendency to leave a soapy residue and white spots on dishes and clothing. It will also cause you to use more soap in the shower, and has a tendency to irritate skin.

Soft water also heats up faster than hard water, and has been shown to reduce the cost of both gas and electric bills. Soft water may improve the efficiency of a electric hot water heater by up to 22%. It can improve the efficiency of your gas-powered unit by up to 29%.

Furthermore, longer-lasting appliances are another benefit that you can reap from using a water softener. Hard water can be very hard on your appliances, which is why they may not last as long. Longer-lasting appliances not only benefit you, but they also benefit the environment by reducing waste.

How often do you need to maintain it?

One of the many things about a water softener is that it only requires minimal maintenance. However, you should check the salt level on your water softener at least once a month. Salt will also need to be added periodically. Additionally, your water softener will need to be cleaned once or twice a year.

What are some signs you have hard water?

If you have noticed damage to your glasses, dishes, and cutlery, then you probably have hard water. The minerals that are present in hard water are what cause the damage.

You may notice damage to your clothes if you have hard water. Your white-coloured clothes may begin to turn a grayish color. You may also notice that your coloured clothes are beginning to fade.

You could also have plumbing problems if hard water is present inside your home. The minerals that are present in your water can cause clogs inside of your plumbing structures, and may result in systems breaking down much earlier than expected.

Furthermore, you may notice problems with your skin or hair if there is hard water in your home. Hard water can cause you to suffer from dry skin. It can also make your hair brittle and dry.

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