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Water Leak Detection Services in Mississauga, ON

Especially for older residences, pipe leakage can be a major concern for homeowners. While modern PVC pipe components are not subject to these problems, older copper pipes can be subject to problems like corrosion. This can even be true in newer plumbing systems where small sections of copper pipe are often neglected. If these are not taken care of properly, pipe leakage can occur, which can potentially cause severe water damage to your home. For this reason, it is important for homeowners to understand the best strategies for managing pipe leakage. By preemptively solving these problems, disastrous situations and extremely costly repairs can be avoided. To read reviews on our professional water leak detection and repair services, click here.

What are some causes of hidden water leaks?

Hidden water leaks are one of the greatest dangers that homeowners face. These can quietly eat away at a home’s interior without the homeowner even realizing that a problem exists. By the time the leaks are discovered, it could be too late, as wood and other materials have already been damaged. Since water is conductive, it is also possible that fires could be started if water finds its way to electric lines. One of the most common causes of hidden water leaks is corrosion. Especially in older homes, traditional copper pipes will start to corrode over time. If subjected to extreme temperatures, pipes can also crack in a way that gradually gets worse as time goes on.

What are some professional detection techniques?

Detecting water leaks is important, because it can prevent severe water damage from occurring inside a home. Without the assistance of a professional, homeowners will find it nearly impossible to detect these leaks on their own. Professionals often examine water pressure and use specialized instruments to detect if pipes are leaking. Another technique is the use of specific instruments that can listen for the sound of an ongoing leak. Professional plumbers will often isolate the leak to certain areas by blocking off specific sections of a pipe. If their tools are still detecting a leak after a certain area has been blocked off, it is clear that the leak is not in that area.

What are ways to avoid this problem?

Since water leaks can cause extensive damage, homeowners often wonder what they can do to avoid them in the first place. In extreme cases, homeowners can have their entire home’s plumbing system replaced to update older pipes with newer PVC materials. This solution is extremely effective. Another way to avoid leaks is to have your plumbing system regularly inspected. With professional assistance, homeowners can identify areas where corrosion is likely to occur. When these problems are found, segments of pipe can be replaced to compensate for these issues.

What are the dangers of this problem?

Pipe leakage can be especially dangerous because it can cause catastrophic damage to a home. Fires can result if leaking water were to come in contact with wires. Additionally, the water itself can cause severe damage and flooding.

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