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Why rent from a “Rental Company” when you can rent your water heater from your local heating professionals…

Rental water heater facts:MyBosco Water Heaters

  • You are not renting your water heater from the “Gas Company” Enbridge© sold the water heater portfolio to Centrica, an international energy services company based in the United
    Kingdom which operates in Canada under the brand name Direct Energy. Although they bill on the gas bill, they are not in any way affiliated with your gas utility.
  • Do not trust your water heater to Door-to-Door Salesmen Picking the right water heater for your needs requires the expertise of a water heating professional, let BOSCO HOME SERVICES help you choose the right tank or tankless water heater.
  • You have a Choice If you are renting from Direct Energy there is nothing stopping you from getting a new energy efficient rental water heater from BOSCO HOME SERVICES.
  • Your water heater rental rate has gone up…A LOT! Check your gas bill, chances are your rate went up by over 10% in 2010, and has increased by an average of 6% per year over the past 15 years:

Water Heater Rental Rate

Why rent from Bosco Home Services?

  • Local Service, is Better Service BOSCO HOME SERVICES operates in your community and will be there, promptly, when needed.
  • Fully Transferable The rental is transferred to the new homeowner should you sell your home.
  • BILLED ON YOUR GAS BILL! Just like Direct Energy™, your BOSCO HOME SERVICES rental water heater will be conveniently billed on your gas bill.
  • Hassle Free Tank Replacement BOSCO HOME SERVICES will return your old tank to Direct Energy.
  • LOW RATES & RATE INCREASE PROTECTION Not only will you get a low rental rate from BOSCO HOME SERVICES, the rate will be protected with a 2.5% rate increase guarantee…


Replace your current water heater rental for NO CHARGE

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