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Air quality is very important to the comfort and health of your family. Our ventilation services ensure that the air that is circulating throughout your home is free from pollutants and extremely fresh and clean. Changing your filters regularly and using specialized air cleaners and sanitizers are all things that will help to make sure that the air in your home is of optimum quality. To see what neighbouring clients have to say about our ventilation services, click here.

What type of filter is best for your home?

Different types of air filters will target different forms of pollutants. In order to find one that best suits your needs, consider exactly what types of pollutants you need to remove from your home. If your main concern is allergy related problems, you will choose a different kind of filter than someone who is worried about the danger of fumes within their residence.

HEPA filters are very popular. They work best on common allergens, such as animal dander and dust. They also help to eliminate unwanted odours. HEPA filters work well because they can capture even the smallest of particles. This particular filter is an excellent choice for young children, the elderly, or anyone who suffers from allergies.

Ozone and ion filters work by creating charged particles that attract pollutants. They won’t eliminate them, but they do trap them. Similarly, media filters trap pollutants onto a fibre filter. These filters fit nicely into most pre-existing heating and cooling systems. They are also very energy efficient, which means a significant savings on operating costs for the homeowner.

Activated carbon filters are often used in combination with other types of filters. They absorb odours and gases, while neutralizing chemicals, smoke, and fumes. When used in conjunction with HEPA filters, you will be eliminating several of the most common home pollutants.

What is the difference between an air filter and an air cleaner?

The main difference between an air filter and an air cleaner is that one collects dust, while the other sanitizes the air. Air filters will filter the air while collecting dust, such as pet dander and dead skin. Pollutants are trapped in a filter that can be regularly replaced.

An air cleaner kills airborne pathogens that cause sickness and allergies. They operate silently, while eliminating odours and bacteria. Air cleaners use UV, heat, or negative ions to perform this function.

What are the benefits of a UV air sanitizer?

  • Eliminates 98% of airborne germs.
  • Reduces the development and growth of microbiological organisms like bacteria, fungi, or viruses.
  • Fights allergens, odours, and mould spores.
  • UV light effectively kills common viruses and germs.
  • Offers a chemical free option for sanitizing your air.
  • Can be Installed without ductwork changes.
  • Provides savings on both energy and operation costs.
  • Removes difficult odours.
  • Can remove particles as small as .3 microns.
  • Panels fit existing filter grills and racks in your current heating and cooling systems

What are the benefits of a polarized media air cleaner?

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