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Whether we like it or not, as homeowners we all have to deal with plumbing issues at one time or another. The key to dealing with these problems is to remain calm and call the experts at Bosco Home Services. Regularly scheduled plumbing system checks and proper maintenance of your equipment is an essential part of taking care of your home, it will also help you to avoid larger issues in the future. Still, things happen, but knowing that you have a reliable plumbing company you can count on for any situation makes all the difference. To see reviews from customers in your area on the services we provide, click here.

What are some benefits of water leak detection services?

  • Prevention of damage: Even a slow leak can cause a large amount of damage. Mould, mildew, loss of structural integrity, and termite infestation are just a few problems that can be caused by a simple leak.
  • Lower water bills: Large leaks result in large amounts of wasted water, which causes your water bill to skyrocket. Besides wasting a precious resource, this excess moisture can damage your lawn, create a prime environment for mould growth, and increase the humidity in your home.
  • Saves you time: Many homeowners drive themselves to the brink of insanity trying to figure out where a leak is coming from. While some leaks are easy to identify, it really does take a professional to accurately locate the source of the problem. We can quickly identify the location of your leak and take the necessary steps to stop it, saving you both time and unneeded frustration.
  • Accurate detection: Sometimes a leak may appear to be from one source, but it could actually be coming from a different location. Our staff won’t stop until they do a thorough inspection of your home to ensure that all problematic areas are identified.

What are signs you need professional drain cleaning?

Chemical drain cleaners available for purchase at your local store can damage your pipes, are bad for the environment, and more often than not fail to fix your clog. Professional drain cleaning will ensure that tough clogs are taken care of once and for all.

Here are some signs that you need professional drain cleaning services:

  • Drains frequently become clogged
  • More than one drain is clogged at a time
  • Sinks are draining slowly
  • Water backup through a drain
  • A foul odour coming from the drain

Remember, professional drain cleaning is designed to be a preventive service; contacting us today can prevent an emergency call later on.

What are signs you need to repair or replace your water heater?

The life of your water heater can be greatly extended by regular maintenance, but inevitably problems will still arise. Here are some tell-tale signs that your unit needs to be repaired or possibly replaced.

  • Unit is not producing enough hot water
  • Your water has a reddish tint to it
  • Your water has an unpleasant odour
  • Loud crackling or popping noises coming from the unit
  • Water is pooling around the water heater
  • Rust on the water heater tank or other components

If you are experiencing any of these problems contact Bosco Home Services right away.

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