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Toilets Services in Mississauga, ON

A toilet may not be the most talked about appliance in your home, but it is certainly one of the most frequently used domestic devices. Many of us take our toilets for granted, flushing down improper items and not having our units serviced regularly. At Bosco Home Services we offer both toilet repair and installation services, ensuring that every homeowner has a well functioning, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable unit. Click here to look at client reviews and testimonials.

What are common signs that you need to replace your toilet?

  • If the porcelain is cracked on any part of your toilet, it should be replaced. Not only is a crack unsightly, it can also be dangerous. A crack can easily become a break, and if the toilet is being used at the time it breaks, the sharp edges of the broken pieces can cause severe injuries. Cracks can also leak and cause damage to the floor and sub-floor.
  • Outdated toilets should be replaced. Older toilets usually use much more water than a new toilet, roughly 3.5 gallons or more per flush. All new toilets should only use a maximum of 1.6 gallons of water per flush. New toilets are specifically manufactured to operate efficiently using a significantly lower volume of water. It is often more expensive to update an older toilet then to replace it. If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom, this is a good time to replace your old toilet.
  • Hard water carries minerals that will leave deposits in your tank and bowl. Besides being unsightly and difficult to clean off, these deposits can clog the ports around the bowl’s inner edge and affect the way it flushes. The deposits can also collect at the main port above the drain hole, causing an incomplete flush. The drain hole itself can become so obstructed that the toilet will clog more easily. Hard water deposits that collect inside the tank on the flapper and flush valve will cause the flapper to lose its seal and water will continuously leak into the bowl, wasting water and running up your water bill.
  • A toilet with multiple repair issues can often be less expensive to replace rather than repair.
  • With the wide range of toilet designs available today, it is often a good idea to have your toilet changed out with one that suits your personal tastes or need for improved comfort.

What are some safe and professional solutions to clogged toilets?

  • A program of preventive maintenance with a professional plumbing company, such as Bosco Home Services, will reduce the frequency of clogged toilets and possibly eliminate the problem altogether.
  • Have your waste water pipes inspected with state-of-the-art camera technology. This is a non-intrusive way to find out if there are problems in your pipes that are causing your clogged toilets. Have any damaged pipes repaired or replaced.
  • Have trees removed from above and around your underground waste lines that might be contributing to your clogged toilets or could potentially do so in the future.
  • If you continually need to plunge your toilet, have a professional plumber auger the line. This is a more thorough way to remove debris from the waste line.
  • Never use an amateur plumber, as this can often make the problem worse.

What are some easy tips to avoid clogs?

  • Don’t use too much toilet paper. This can cause a clog in the toilet or build up in your waste line.
  • Never flush paper towels or feminine hygiene products down the toilet. These products will not break down in your waste line.
  • Make sure your toilet is using enough water to completely rid the bowl of waste. If in doubt, have a plumber adjust it properly.
  • Keep small objects away from the toilet. If something is accidentally dropped into the toilet, don’t try to flush it down. Remove the object from the bowl or have a plumber remove it if the toilet has already been flushed, lodging the object in the trap or line.
  • Don’t let children play with small toys in the tub that may end up in the toilet.

Even with all the precautions we take, problems with our toilets can still occur. Be mindful of tell-tale signs that indicate that your toilet may need to be repaired or replaced, and trust the professionals at Bosco Home Services to provide you with the best solutions possible. Whether you are remodelling your bathroom and want a more modern unit or have an issue that requires immediate attention, our plumbing specialists are here to help.

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