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A sump pump system provides you with a fast, safe, affordable, and simple way to ensure that your home is protected from water damage a flooded area.


  • Keeps your basement or crawl space clear of water at all times
  • Removes water from a flooded area
  • Helps eliminate static pressure due to high water table
  • Can be activated manually or remotely, depending on your system

Because houses today are more airtight than in the past, moisture can build up inside, including on the basement walls and under the foundation. This is often particularly noticeable in the home’s basement. Excess dampness can contribute to poor indoor air quality and serious structural damage over time.

Add in the increasing problems with overland flooding in our region and it’s clear why you should take measures to protect your home from water damage.

A sump pump is installed in a basin (called a sump pit) that collects water from above and below your foundation. In the event of basement flooding, water will flow from the basement floor into the basin via a drain system, where the sump can pump water out from your home. Installing a sump pump will help you mitigate the damage of overland flooding and keep excess moisture from building up under your foundation.

Some pumps come with a battery back-up system as a failsafe in case the power cuts out. This is a good idea if your area is prone to experiencing blackouts during the spring or summer months, when the region is most at risk of flooding.


Along with your sewer line backwater valve, a sump pump is a key part of your basement waterproofing system. There are a number of sump pump styles and options available to you and it is important to make sure that you know which options fit your needs. We can help you to choose the system that best suits your home and budget.

It is recommended for both safety and reliability that you do not install a sump pump on your own. Let our qualified technicians set up the system for you.


Depending on the style of pump, sump pumps usually last between 15 and 25 years. Your sump pump will eventually run into problems as time goes on, but many of these problems can be avoided by knowing your system and having regular maintenance performed.

Common sump pump problems include:

  • Clog due to debris in the pipe or pump
  • Motor breakdown due to age
  • Remote starter short out during a flood

It’s a good idea to have your sump pump and sump basin inspected at least every year, especially if your home is at high risk of flooding or has had moisture problems in the past. Regular maintenance is the only way to ensure that your pump won’t fail you when you need it most.

Sump pump maintenance typically includes:

  • Removing debris (dirt, gravel, sand, etc.) to prevent clogging and mechanical failure
  • Inspecting the motor and tuning it up as needed
  • Testing of the back-up system to ensure it is functional, especially if it is rarely used
  • Sump drain cleaning
  • Clearing debris from the discharge line
  • Inspecting the float switch

Be sure to have your sump pump serviced regularly to avoid preventable issues.

If you have any questions about sump pumps and flood prevention, or you wish to have a pump installed in your home, call us and speak to our plumbing specialists. Our team has over 20 years of experience installing, servicing and repairing sump pump systems in the Greater Toronto Area.

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