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The pipes in your home are not permanent fixtures, and you need to keep your eye out for problems so you can have them professionally corrected.

A qualified technician from Bosco Home Services can teach you how to look for tell-tale signs which indicate that a repiping service is needed, and inform you on ways to maintain your pipes so they will last significantly longer. Failing pipes can cause serious problems in your home, so when you notice signs of trouble it is important that you contact a professional immediately.

Signs that you may need to repipe your home

  • Poor water pressure
  • Unexplained loud noises echoing throughout your home
  • Leaks that are accumulating

Problematic pipe materials

Galvanized steel

Galvanized steel pipes in your home could last for many years, but there is no way that you can predict when they will break down.

Galvanized steel pipes were commonly installed in older homes, and have since fallen out of favour, due to the fact that they clog easily. If you are experiencing even minor issues, it is important that you them replaced as soon as possible to avoid severe damage to your home.


If you have polybutylene pipes in your residence they must be replaced immediately, because they have now been deemed unsuitable for use in your home.

These pipes were once popular, but they have been found to fail under normal wear and tear. There are more sturdy and cost effective piping options that can be used. Bursting pipes can cause floods and lead to extreme water damage, so to avoid major problems have these pipes replaced as soon as you can.

Installing copper and PEX pipes

When repiping your home, copper and PEX are the two recommended options. Copper pipes are extremely sturdy and can stand up to massive wear and tear. PEX pipes are also quite sturdy and can be repaired quickly.

Copper and PEX pipes can both handle the flow of water and sewage. There are some piping combinations that must be changed when sewage piping is involved, but you can use copper or PEX pipes to handle all the piping needs in your home. Our professional technicians can go over all of this information with you and help you choose the best option when deciding to repipe your residence.

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