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Heat pumps perform both heating and cooling functions by drawing heat from the ground when it’s cold outside or moving hot air out of space in order to cool it down.

They are an energy-efficient alternative or way to supplement a traditional heating and cooling system. It can provide additional heating and cooling power to your home and when paired with your existing system and reduce the amount of stress and usage demand and promote significant energy savings.

Installation, replacement, and repair

Installing a heat pump is a great first step to increasing energy efficiency. We can help you choose from a variety of options for your budget and that pair well with your existing systems.

Like any other mechanical system, a heat pump wears down over time and use and may need occasional repair.

Signs that your heat pump may need repair or replacement

  • Spike in your energy bill
  • Excessive noise level
  • Drop in heating and cooling power
  • Constant cycling / frequent switching on and off
  • If your system is around 15 years old

Benefits of regular maintenance

There are a number of benefits to having a professional perform a yearly maintenance check:

  • Ensure that every part of your system is functioning correctly
  • Reliable cooling during the hottest days
  • Longer life for your air conditioning unit
  • Efficient performance, saving on energy costs

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