Mississauga Pipe Thawing Services

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Pipe Thawing Services in Mississauga, ON

Every winter in Mississauga, we get hundreds of calls regarding frozen pipes. This is a very common occurrence that most people tend to treat with little urgency. However, the dangers of a burst pipe are very real when a pipe becomes frozen. To prevent this, watch for signs that your pipes have become frozen, and if so call for a pipe thawing service immediately. To see what your neighbours are saying about our services, click here.

What are some signs that you need this service?

The tell-tale sign that you have frozen pipes is little to no water pressure when you turn on your faucet. A slightly bulging or fissured pipe is another indication that you most likely need pipe thawing services. Pipes should be thawed right away to prevent them from cracking and bursting, causing severe water damage to the home. Once you have identified a pipe that may be frozen, immediately turn off the water valve to prevent any potential leaks that could result in a burst.

How does this service work?

The first step to thawing your pipes is turning off your water supply. There are many methods to thawing out your pipes, but to get the job done properly, it is wise to consult a professional, especially in the case of a possible burst. In most cases homeowners have no way of accessing these pipes, but at Bosco Home Services we use electric pipe thawing machines to provide instant heat to the pipe and loosen up any ice that has formed.

What are the benefits of this service?

The main benefit of pipe thawing is preventing pipes from bursting. However, there is also the added benefit of providing heat to the piping system for a short period of time to prevent the other pipes from encountering the same problem. Any source of heat applied to the frozen area is sure to have good effects on the rest of the piping system. Additionally, while we are working with the frozen pipes, we can check the state of your other pipes and point out any potential problems for the future.

If your pipes are frozen, call us immediately to have this service performed on your home. While thawing is a relatively simple process, replacing pipes is not, and frozen pipes should therefore be avoided if at all possible. Prevent your pipes from becoming frozen by leaving faucets dripping slightly when it is below freezing outside. At Bosco Home Services we understand the local weather and are always available to thaw or replace your frozen pipes.
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