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Indoor climate control is crucial for maintaining a safe and happy home. HVAC systems are complex thermodynamic machines that regulate and maintain acceptable indoor temperatures and air quality. Bosco Home Services provides professional heating, cooling, and ventilation services in your area to ensure that your home is as comfortable as possible. Our HVAC services help to determine whether a system is working correctly, and if repair or replacement services are needed. We offer around the clock emergency service and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. To see what other customers in your area have to say about our services, click here.

How long do heaters typically last?

Heaters have been known to last for up to 25 years in some cases. Generally speaking, a heater works well for about a decade, and depending on maintenance, use, and other variables, will require repair or replacement services. You can help ensure that your heater will last for a long time by scheduling regular maintenance visits with the professionals at Bosco Home Services.

What are some benefits of timely maintenance?

Some of the benefits of timely heater maintenance are:

  • Clean and proper airflow
  • Warm and comfortable air output
  • Safe combustion
  • Optimal blower function

Proper airflow, which is the most important factor in keeping a heater working long-term, is accomplished through maintenance checks, including monthly filter replacements throughout the colder seasons, resulting in a warm and comfortable home environment.

How long do air conditioning units typically last?

Air conditioning units typically last, with regular, preventative maintenance and service, from approximately 12 to 15 years, depending on the location of your home. Areas by the coast usually require more routine care and last for shorter periods of time.

What are some benefits of AC maintenance?

Like heater maintenance, air conditioner maintenance has many benefits including:

  • Increased system life
  • Reliable home comfort
  • Lower energy expenses
  • Best possible air quality

Since air conditioning units can be expensive, regular maintenance is the best way of making certain that such equipment will be a good investment and produce excellent quality, cool air temperatures, and do so efficiently and affordably. Reliable and consistent home air temperatures help regulate utility costs and decrease operating stress on an air conditioner. Being able to avoid a damaged or broken air conditioning system when it is particularly hot outside is the main goal. Bosco Home Services not only helps educate customers on the benefits of routine HVAC maintenance, we demonstrate how clean components and clear air filters can improve quality of life. Improved air quality in your home helps to alleviate allergies, discourages breathing problems, and prevents mould and bacteria from forming. Choosing Bosco Home Services as your HVAC professionals will ensure the safety and comfort of your entire family. Additional Heating & Cooling Services in North York

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