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As a homeowner you can expect to encounter a certain list of common plumbing problems. While some are worse than others, all should be fixed as soon as possible to limit the damage done to your home and other appliances. Water heaters, drains, and pipes can all fail, causing major issues that can affect both your home and your family. The skilled plumbing technicians at Bosco Home Services are here to help you with any plumbing issues you may be having, offering prompt and effective solutions. To see what other customers in your area have to say about Bosco Home Services, click here.

What are some common water heater problems, and what can professionals do to solve them?

Water heaters, just like any other appliance, come with their own set of potential problems. The main problems that water heaters encounter include temperature inconsistency, inability to heat, unpleasant noises caused by a build-up of unwanted materials, and leaks. To solve these problems, we replace broken parts and heating elements as necessary to restore heating power. We flush sediment and mineral build-up from the tank to get rid of any clanging noises. However, when it comes to leaking water heaters, this problem cannot usually be fixed with a quick repair; we usually recommended that a leaking water heater be replaced with a newer unit.

What are some signs that you need professional drain cleaning?

Clogged drains are an uphill battle that every homeowner has to fight. Recurring clogs, standing water, and water backing up out of drains are all signs that professional drain cleaning has become necessary. Snaking your drains and using chemicals to break up clogs only fixes part of the problem, if at all. Residue and debris tend to stick to the walls of the pipes and create the potential for future clogs to occur. Professional drain cleaning completely rids your pipes of debris. Pipes are restored to like-new condition, so water will flow freely and at a much higher rate of pressure.

What are the dangers of leaking pipes?

A leaking pipe can have several negative effects including water damage to the home, high water bills, and declining pipe health. Water damage arises any time water is coming from inappropriate locations. Most pipes are buried underground, especially in the sewer line and water main. If any of these pipes start to leak, you could end up with extensive damage to the foundation of your home. Pipes routed through the home can damage walls, ceilings, and floors. To limit the amount of damage done to your home, it is important to catch these leaks early. If they are left unchecked, they become much larger and will eventually cause extensive flooding. Leaking pipes should be repaired immediately to keep your water bills from skyrocketing and to prevent extensive floodwater damage to your home.

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