What Are Some of the Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions?


Mississauga PlumberPossible Damage to Fixtures and Plumbing

Dumping a jug of liquid drain cleaner in your sink might seem cheaper than calling a professional plumber, but you could be setting yourself up for more expense down the road.

That’s because the harsh chemicals in these products can damage the surrounding fixtures. Porcelain, wood, painted surfaces, and even stainless steel can be tarnished by chemical drain cleaners.

You might save some money in the short term by using a store bought drain cleaner, but don’t forget that the savings might disappear when you have to repair or replace your bathroom or kitchen fixtures. Store bought drain cleaning chemicals are also hard on your plumbing.

PVC pipes are particularly vulnerable to caustic and acidic drain cleaners, and these same chemicals may lead to corrosion in metal pipes. In addition, they can cause problems with septic tanks if they are used frequently.

Septic tanks are intended to function with sewage, not cocktails of volatile substances. There is a legitimate use for liquid drain cleaners, but the chemical makeup and type of piping must be taken into consideration before using them.

Chemical Hazards Around the House

Chemical drain cleaners are dangerous for the homeowner as well. The fumes can build up, especially in small bathrooms, and cause a variety of physical symptoms.

These fumes are especially dangerous if two drain cleaners have been mixed together. Drain cleaners will also cause serious chemical burns if they come in contact with bare skin or eyes.

Homeowners sometimes sustain these injuries while dumping the contents of the jug down the drain. Furthermore, having containers of hazardous substances around the house is a danger for children and pets. Even though drain cleaners are sold with childproof lids, the lid or the container itself can still break if it is dropped on the floor.

Mississauga Drain Cleaning ServicesNegative Environmental Effects

The dangers of using chemical drain cleaners go beyond your home. Even with the most advanced water treatment technology in place, trace amounts of some chemicals cannot be removed.

These chemicals find their way into local watersheds, where they cause damage to the surrounding ecosystem. They also end up in drinking water sooner or later.

Chemical drain cleaners are sometimes the best solution for a clogged pipe, but it’s important to realize that they do not simply disappear once they go down your drain.

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