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Your home is likely the single most important thing you will ever own. Taking proper care of your residence involves significant upkeep and maintenance, and your plumbing systems are of no exception. Bosco Home Services offers exceptional plumbing services to Georgetown and the surrounding areas, ensuring that every client gets the personal attention that they deserve. We offer plumbing system checks, water leak detection services, water heater installation and repair, as well as several other valued services including 24/7 emergency care. Our goal is to exceed your expectations every time! To see reviews from other customers in your area, click here.

What are the dangers of leaking pipes?

Small water leaks can cause severe property damage if not attended to immediately. Leaking pipes can also cause serious health risks, because mould and mildew begin to develop within the walls and floors of your home, increasing the risk of colds, flus, asthma attacks, and allergic reactions.

Many homeowners underestimate the dangers of leaking pipes, and fail to notice tell-tale signs like a musty smell around a drain or discolouration on the ceilings and walls, which usually indicates that a leak is present. If you believe that there is a leaking pipe somewhere in your residence, keep your home and family safe by contacting the professionals at Bosco Home Services. Our certified technicians can find the hidden leaks happening throughout your system and make the necessary repairs to avoid major problems from occurring.

How can you avoid burst pipes?

Cold weather can most certainly cause your pipes to burst if you do not take the necessary precautions. You should turn up the heat inside your home when you are away to ensure that your pipes don’t freeze. It is also good to check with your neighbours, if they are going out of town, to see if they remembered to do the same. Pipes that are located on the outside walls can be protected by opening up closets, cabinets, and crawl spaces, which allows warm air to circulate more effectively. Keeping your faucets at a slow drip when you are not using them can also prevent pipes from freezing. Additionally, Bosco Home services offers professional pipe thawing services so you can rest easy in knowing that your pipes will survive another winter.

If one of your pipes does happen to burst, our professional plumbers know how to handle your situation and keep your home safe from further damage.

What are signs your sewer line needs repair?

Most people will know there is a problem with their sewer line when they discover a foul odour coming from their basement. Most likely a break in your line has occurred, and a professional plumber should be called in immediately to do the needed repairs. If you hear a bubbling noise when flushing your toilet, your sewer line is most likely clogged and requires the assistance of a professional plumber.

If water is coming back up into your toilet or tub, this is another sign that that you may have a broken or clogged pipe. If the water level in your toilet is different every time you flush, or the top of your toilet is not filling up, this could also mean you have a clogged or broken pipe.

Additionally, a slow draining washer, tub, or sink could mean there is a blockage in your line. Water puddles or soft ground where the sewer pipes are located may be yet another sign of broken lines. Our professional plumbers can find the root of the problem and orchestrate the necessary repairs.

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