Mississauga Gas Line Repair & Leak Detection Services

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Gas Line Repairs & Leak Detection Services in Mississauga, ON

Gas line problems can put a family at serious risk, especially if the leak is detected too late. If a person isn’t able to address the leak, multiple households can be adversely affected. Our professionals want to inform you on ways to detect a gas leak and what steps to take in the event that you do. If you notice signs of a leak it is important that you contact one of our technicians right away. For customer reviews on the services we provide, click here.

What are signs you have a gas leak?

Gas leaks can be detected if one knows precisely what to look for. First, there will be a rotten egg smell or a heavy petroleum-like scent that emanates throughout the home. Discoloured vegetation on any part of your lawn is another thing people should look for when determining whether or not they have a leak. Finally, you will hear a hissing sound or unusual noise where the leak has sprung, some people even report hearing a roaring sound when a leak occurs.

What are signs that it is time to repair or replace your line?

It is perfectly natural for a gas line to wear and tear with age. When the joints of the lines appear to be weakening, a gas line problem may be imminent. Examining the intersections for visible damage is recommended. Any time a gas leak occurs, one should consider having repairs performed on the line. Often the leaks can be detected early on before any significant damage or health problems occur.

Less heat being generated is another indication of a leak. One can examine their monthly utilities and compare the energy used to how much heat is being generated. If one notices that there is less heat, then the gas lines may need to be serviced.

Look for less visible damage. If the line has been altered in any way, an inspection may be long overdue. Noticeably twisted, fractured, or dented lining can indicate that a leak will likely occur if the gas lines aren’t prepared.

What should you do in the event of a problem?

There are some important precautions to take when a leak is suspected. First, everyone should leave the home immediately. An emergency call should be placed in order to alert the utility company and the public agency about the potential leak. Trying to repair the natural gas leak independently is strongly discouraged, as is attempting to find the source of the leak. Vehicles located near the leak shouldn’t be started. You should never use your mobile phone in the home if a leak is suspected. The only precautionary measure that should be taken is cutting the gas supply off, but only if one knows how to do this.
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