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Garbage Disposals Services in Mississauga, ON

Garbage disposals are a fantastic tool for the kitchen. They keep your pipes from clogging and provide a safe place to chop food and veggies without the added worry of your sink breaking down. However, even garbage disposals sometimes encounter problems of their own. To stay ahead of any garbage disposal problems, watch for signs of a failing disposal, and if issues are occurring contact a professional technician as soon as possible. To see what your neighbours have to say about our garbage disposal repair services, click here.

What are common garbage disposal problems, and what can professionals do to solve them?

As with any appliance, garbage disposals face their own fair share of common problems. The main problems associated with garbage disposals include jams, clogs, leaks, noise, and loss of power. Jams tend to occur when inappropriate items enter the disposal, which usually include high-fibre vegetables like corn husks and carrots, as well as kitchen items like flatware. A professional would solve a jam by loosening the disposal and manually moving the masher plate to free any offending objects. Clogs arise from similar causes, though the disposal will continue to run. Professionals will disassemble the disposal to clear a clog. Noisy disposals are indicative of metallic or hard plastic objects entering the disposal and are fixed by tightening any loose parts. Leaks and loss of power are usually fixed through disposal replacement.

When should you repair or replace your unit?

Fortunately, most problems can be repaired. However, if there is a sign of a leak within the disposal itself, the only solution professionals tend to recommend is disposal replacement. Loss of power is indicative of a failing or dead motor; replacement is again the best solution in this case. You should always consult with a professional before making any decisions regarding repairs or replacements.

What are some common maintenance tips?

To keep your garbage disposal healthy, follow these simple tips. Keep small objects like utensils far away from the sink to prevent them from being accidentally knocked down the drain. Be aware of what types of foods are appropriate for the disposal; high-fibre vegetables should not be put through the disposal. Check your disposal regularly to make sure all bolts are tight, and always make sure your unit’s power is off before checking your disposal for problems.

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