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French Drains Services in Mississauga, ON

If you are looking to repair or install a French drain, Bosco Home Services is the company to call. French drains are used to protect a home or commercial building from water damage. Water damage is not only costly; it can also destroy irreplaceable items that are significant to the homeowner, in addition to being potentially hazardous to the members of your family. Listed below are the answers to several important questions about French drains. For customer reviews on many of our valued services, click here.

What is a french drain?

A French drain is a system of piping that transports water away from the foundation of a home or building. They are most commonly used in areas with high groundwater and poorly drained soils and are constructed to prevent water from accumulating in a basement or around a concrete slab. A French drain system consists of a perforated PVC or HDPE that’s placed in a gravel-lined trench, along or near the building’s foundation. The pipe collects water from the soil and carries it to an outlet below the elevation of the structure.

What are signs that your system needs to be repaired?

  • The main purpose of a French drain is to route subsurface water away from a building’s foundation. If water suddenly starts collecting in your basement or along the foundation of your home, the French drain’s piping may be damaged or blocked.
  • Another obvious sign of trouble is a crushed or damaged outlet pipe. A damaged outlet pipe can prevent the collected water from draining properly, which, in turn, leads to water backing up into the piping, the surrounding soil, and even the structure itself.
  • If a section of the drainage system is visibly damaged by digging or heavy equipment, that section may require repair.

What are signs that your system needs to be replaced?

  • Over time, the piping of a French drain system may settle along with the soil. If significant signs of settlement are present, including cracks in walls, foundation damage, or depressed areas in the soil, the French drain system may need to be replaced in order to achieve proper drainage.
  • A French drain system that was initially constructed using low-quality materials or with a gradient that doesn’t allow the water to drain may require complete replacement to operate effectively.
  • Overtime a French drain system will eventually need to be replaced due to its age. Even if the system was properly constructed, the piping will eventually break down or become clogged with tree roots and debris. Since age-related damage affects the entire French drain system, it’s generally a good idea to replace the whole unit.

What are some ways to maintain your system?

Regular inspection by an experienced plumber is one of the best ways to ensure that your French drains are operating effectively. It’s important to choose a professional plumber who’s equipped to handle a full range of repairs in order to head off a potential problem before it become a major issue that could cause extensive property damage.

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