A Letter From Our President, Michael Grochmal

Dear friends,

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favourite times of the year. The fall colours never fail to provide a spectacular show, and as we move into the colder weather, I am reminded how grateful we are that AtlasCare is a trusted partner of customers like you. We are privileged to be welcomed to your home – thank you.

Gratitude has been on my mind a great deal this year. Despite the ongoing challenges with this stubborn virus, which is preventing us from simple joys like shaking hands and attending traditional gatherings with family and friends (which I’ll deeply miss this weekend), I am grateful every day.

First and foremost, I am truly grateful that the people I care about have been healthy and supportive of one another through this. I am thankful for the frontline professionals in our community – they have shown courage and compassion when they are exhausted and afraid. I am grateful for the community charities, volunteers and donors that are working tirelessly to help families get the relief they need right now. I am also grateful that our staff have stepped up in every imaginable way to support our customers in this unusual time. Their actions have made me proud time and again.

This weekend, our team will experience the pleasure of joining Lennox International’s “Feel The Love” community giving initiative. On Saturday, an AtlasCare crew will help make life a little easier for a very deserving essential worker in our community who has selflessly put the needs of others ahead of herself for years. It is our honour to give her this gift, which includes a Lennox furnace and air conditioner, extensive plumbing repairs and an annual AtlasCare Membership to handle maintenance requirements down the road. We will share more about her story with you soon. Thank you to our customers for your nominations – there were many deserving candidates.

There is no joy greater than the joy of giving to others, especially at a time when we are feeling grateful for everything we have. From my family to yours, I extend my sincere best wishes for good health, safety and wellbeing.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Michael Grochmal,




Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

For 88 years, AtlasCare has cared about the health of our customers’ homes, but it has never been more important than it is now. With quarantine and social distancing in place due to COVID-19, our homes are where we spend most of our time. Staying indoors can, without a doubt, affect our quality of life in many ways. Our home’s air quality plays a huge part in our physical and mental wellbeing, as well as how we experience our home on a day to day basis. Here are a few ways you can improve your air quality and ensure you have the cleanest air in your home.

HEPA Filter

With the season changing, the High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter might be your best bet. A HEPA Filter is designed to eliminate very fine particles and is crucial in limiting the spread of airborne bacterial and viral organisms which could lead to infection. Because it is a mechanical filter that doesn’t use negative ions or ozone gas, there is also little risk of developing any side-effects like allergies or long-term respiratory illnesses such as asthma. However, it does not filter out gasses and odour molecules.

UV-C light

When you think of UltraViolet light, the first thought that might come to mind is skin cancer and harmful radiation. However, the effects of UV light vary according to wavelength. UV rays from the sun are composed of a combination of UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C rays which clean our environment naturally. The UV light with the shortest wavelength, which is therefore the most powerful, is UV-C. It can destroy microorganisms by scrambling their DNA. This makes it a very effective form of air purification, sterilization, and disinfection. UV lights are chemical-free and can kill and sterilize mold and bacteria that may be growing in your HVAC unit, which can be highly beneficial for people who are allergic to chemicals and dust.

Lennox PureAir System

Small air cleaners may be great for targeting specific rooms in your home, especially dusty ones, but they don’t address pollutants that are circulating through your entire home. The Lennox PureAir System is a filter that offers a solution to this. This system is designed to improve air quality throughout the whole house. Unlike most air purifying systems, the Lennox PureAir System cleans 3 types of air pollutants:

  • Airborne particles: pollen, dust, pet hair
  • Germs and bacteria
  • Chemical odours and vapours

This system also does not generate any ozone which eliminates the chances of lung irritation. Because of its carbon filtration, it also helps to reduce ozone generated by other sources that may be found in your home.

With COVID-19 still in action, taking precautions for your health is the best and safest way of keeping you and your loved ones protected. At AtlasCare, we care about our customers. If you’re unsure which filter you need for your home, give us a call. Our team of experts is always there when you need us!