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Appliance Service Services in Mississauga, ON

Are you looking to repair or replace your dishwasher, laundry machines, or ice maker line? Our expert staff can give you a list of options tailored to your specific tastes and budget. We can work with you to come up with the best solutions for your home’s appliances. We understand the importance of properly functioning equipment inside your residence, and aim to exceed your expectations when it comes to ensuring that every service we provide has your appliances running at optimum efficiency. To see what other customers have to say about our work and professionalism, click here.

3 signs you need to replace your dishwasher

The dishwasher in your home is a sensitive unit that must be handled with care. Your dishwasher should be very quiet, so if you begin to hear loud noises coming from your unit contact a service professional as soon as possible. In addition, your unit should not leak or become abnormally hot, if you are experiencing these issues it is important to have your dishwasher looked at right away in order for us to take the necessary steps to remedy the problem.

4 reasons to replace your refrigerator water line

Most people do not think about the water line connected to their refrigerator, but issues with the water line could potentially result in decreased water pressure. You may have a pinched or severed line. Also, you may hear sounds coming from the unit, and these sounds could be the result of a clog inside the line.

The water line behind your refrigerator may not be the recommended size for your unit. If you have the unit checked every few months, you may discover that you need a water line that is larger or smaller. Finally, it is wise to have your line checked to ensure that it is made up of the proper materials. It is possible that the initial materials used to make your water line are insufficient. If this is the case you will likely have to have your water line replaced.

4 signs you need to replace your laundry machines

Some people hold onto their laundry machines for decades at a time, but these units need to be replaced at some point. After years of use your washer may begin to leak, which will require the installation of a new unit. Also, your washer may become misaligned over time. If the tumbler is consistently hitting the side of your unit more damage will occur with every cycle.

The dryer may become too hot during cycles, and this could cause a fire. If you notice that your unit is very hot, you need to have it checked and most likely replaced. Also, the tumbler in the dryer may not be aligned. This tumbler will cause the same damage as the one in your washer. If you are experiencing any of these issues replacing your system is the best option.

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