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Air ducts play an important role in ensuring that the air in your home is of the highest quality and that your interior climate is kept under control. Failing to have your air ducts cleaned on a regular basis and repaired when necessary can also seriously affect the health of your family. Make sure to have your air ducts serviced regularly and keep a close eye out for telltale signs that your air ducts need to be professionally repaired. Click here to see client reviews and testimonials.

What particles and contaminants contribute to faulty air ducts?

When it comes to particles and contaminants contributing to faulty air ducts, there are many different kinds. Some of the most common particles and contaminants that contribute to faulty ducts include dirt, dust, pollen, and debris. When moisture gets trapped in air ducts, the growth of bacteria and mould can also cause problems with your ducts.

What are signs that it’s time for a cleaning or repair?

Variations in temperature throughout the home can be one of the largest signs that it is time for air duct repair. When ductwork is in good working condition, the temperature should stay steady from room to room.

Another sign that it is time for and air duct repair or cleaning is if there is excess humidity throughout your home. When there are issues within the ductwork of your home, it can let moisture in that results in a humid interior climate.

If there is mould growing in the ductwork, it is time to them cleaned. Mould is the result of moisture getting caught in the air ducts of the home, which sets up the perfect growing environment for various types of bacteria.

What are the benefits of timely repairs?

A comfortable interior climate throughout your home is one of the major benefits of timely air duct repair. When there are issues in the air ducts of the home, temperature variations can be extreme from room to room, resulting in difficulties keeping your residence at a desirable temperature.

Repairing air ducts in good timing also benefits your home’s energy bill. When there are holes throughout ductwork, air gets lost in transit to where it should be going, and causes the unit to have to work harder to be able to keep the home at a comfortable temperature.

Timely air duct repair can also help keep excess mould and bacteria from growing within the ducts. When mould and bacteria starts growing, the impurities of the air can make homeowners very sick. Timely repair helps keep this scenario from occurring.

What are the differences between antibacterial fogging air cleaners and air sealers?

Antibacterial fogging air cleaners are cleansing agents that are put through the ductwork of your home. Antibacterial cleaners not only cleanse your ductwork, but they also leave your home with cleaner, fresher air. Antibacterial fogging air cleaners are able to clear the ductwork of mould, bacteria, and other pollutants that are present, and also help to prevent new spores from growing. These types of cleaners are completely safe and require no wiping and cleaning of surface areas after use.

Air sealers help seal the ductwork throughout your home. Air sealers keep warm or cool air from escaping out of your ducts, and keep bacteria and mould from growing. Sealed ductwork helps keep moisture out, which aids in the prevention of mould and bacteria. All ductwork should have air sealers to ensure that only the cleanest, freshest air is kept inside your home.
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