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AC Filter Replacements Bosco Home Services in Mississauga, ON

Air conditioners have become a necessary home appliance, especially in the hot months of summer. Constant use of your air conditioning system during times like this puts an increased amount of stress on your unit, which means maintenance will have to be conducted more often than usual. While maintenance of your air conditioning system may not be at the top of your list as a homeowner, it is most definitely an important part of home upkeep. Ensuring your air conditioning system is in proper working order can not only save your lungs from unwanted dust particles, but also save you hundreds of dollars in repairs. To see what other customers in your area have to say about our AC filter replacement services, click here.

Why is professional filter replacement necessary?

Perhaps the most important part of keeping your air conditioner in proper working condition is regularly cleaning or replacing the filter. Over time, many small particles will get caught in the filter as the air is flowing through it. These particles, such as dust and other allergens, can irritate those living in the home, as well as disturb the air conditioner itself. Replacing your filters at the appropriate time can reduce your air conditioner’s energy consumption by as much as 15%.

How often should you replace your filter?

Most air filters require replacement after six to eight months, but replacement times may vary from system to system. The most universal way to maintain your air conditioner’s filters is to replace them once they become discoloured or have built up a noticeable amount of residue. When replacing the filters on your air conditioner, it is always best to keep in mind that it processes the air you breathe every day, so it is always better to replace your filters sooner than later.

What are the benefits of regular filter replacement?

Professional maintenance of your air conditioning is always recommended even though it will result in an upfront cost. However, that cost is quickly regained as your air conditioner will have a much longer life, the air will be cleaner, and there will be a significant drop in your monthly utility bill. Keeping a regularly scheduled maintenance routine will also prevent failures and damage to your air conditioning system, which will result in even more savings from avoided repair costs.

What happens if you neglect to replace your filter?

Failing to have your AC filter replaced regularly could have some serious consequences. For example, an old filter left on your air conditioner for an extended period of time can cause a lot of dust to circulate around your home. This could cause breathing problems or more serious complications for members of the household that may have allergies. Complete neglect of your air conditioning system could cause the eventual failure of your entire unit, so avoid the unneeded aggravation and have your filters replaced regularly.

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