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Bosco Statement on COVID-19

We’re Open For Business and we’re here for you during COVID-19. We want to assure you that we have taken numerous precautions to keep our employees and our customers safe. Your wellbeing and that of our colleagues is always top of mind. Bosco is known for its rapid response when you need someone. If you need our services, we’ll be there for you. During this challenging time, we’re working hard to give you the confidence to have Bosco in your home.
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We know your home and how to keep it running smoothly. Whether you need help with your heating, cooling, plumbing, drains, or better air quality, count on our expert team, all day every day!


Frozen pipes? Annoying leaks and drips that keep you up at night? Who are you going to call? Bosco is one of the best plumbing companies in the GTA, and we’re here to provide you with plumbing solutions that work.  With over 25 years of plumbing experience under our belt and a strong belief in the power of preventive maintenance, we get to the heart of the problem and provide you with the right solutions.

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Most people don’t think about their sewers and main drains until they’re standing ankle-deep in a basement filled with dirty water. By then, it’s too late; the damage is done.
To prevent the headache of clogged drains, overflowing toilets, and backed-up sewer lines, it’s important to have regular, preventive maintenance performed by a qualified Bosco sewer and drain specialist. It’s amazing what a main drain camera inspection can do.

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Is this an emergency? Well stop reading and call us! Trust us, your schedule is our schedule and that’s the way we like it.


We’ve been here since 1932, and always will be!

Always there when you need us.

When it comes to building our team, Bosco Home Services is all about growth. We evaluate potential team members based on their willingness to learn, grow, and put in the time and effort it takes to achieve the highest standard in workmanship and professionalism.

Ask anyone about the best part of working at Bosco and they’ll tell you the same thing: the positive team environment. We pride ourselves to have established a company culture where people come to work knowing they’ll have a good day at their home away from home.

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Here’s what our customers say…

Kevin S., Manager

I found AtlasCare/Bosco after discovering our condo complex (3 buildings) have Kitec plumbing, which had to be removed and replaced. I searched online for someone familiar with Kitec, and AtlasCare/Bosco came up. I dealt with Kevin, and we ended up getting 40+ other condo owners onboard for AtlasCare/Bosco to replace the plumbing. Kevin and his crew were very professional, were sensitive to the needs of individual owners, and did a great job for us. They are now about half-way through this project at our complex, and I am hearing nothing but good things about them from the other owners. I would highly recommend AtlasCare/Bosco.

Carol Madigan -
David B., Technician

David Benvie was fantastic. He came on time, was thorough in his work and explained everything to me along the way. He made sure he did his best to solve the issue and provided solutions along the way. I would use David again

Jonathan Shiff -
Patrick Murphy headshot Patrick M., Technician

Thank you Patrick for your patience and professionalism while fixing our plumbing issues. We would certainly use your services in the future!

Kimberley Singh -
Jared V., Technician

I was very impressed with the response time and courteous employees. They discovered we did not have a problem as we thought we had Kitec plumbing but we did not. Thank you Bosco for your honesty.

Linda Williamson -

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